Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life Cycle of a Butterfly {Days 26 and 27}

I did not get as many photos as I would have liked of the Chrysalis process as most of it happened while I was away on my work trip.  However, I did get to watch the first butterfly emerge from her Chrysalis yesterday morning!  Yep, she's a girl!

First Butterfly Emerged from Chrysalis
ISO 500 ~ 60mm ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/50 sec
© Corrie M. Avila

Second Chrysalis Not Yet Ready
ISO 500 ~ 60mm ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/50 sec
© Corrie M. Avila

And I found the most wonderful surprise!  Moe made it!  Yes, definitely a happy ending to her story.  She is also a girl and was just released this morning.  Two girl butterflies and one chrysalis remains.

Moe!! Or should I say Molly :)
ISO 500 ~ 60mm ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/320 sec
© Corrie M. Avila

Molly Released
ISO 320 ~ 60mm ~ f/6.3 ~ 1/200 sec
© Corrie M. Avila

And all those eggs I saw outside, yes they all hatched!  I believe I counted 11 caterpillars at one point.  They are very large and should by ready to form their chrysalis soon.  I'm a little weary about leaving them outdoors, but the husband has had enough of the caterpillars indoors for now.  So here's a thought and a prayer wishing those little guys good luck!

Happily Chomping Away!
ISO 320 ~ 60mm ~ f/6.3 ~ 1/125 sec
© Traveling Hearts Photography

Capturing the Moment <3


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life Cycle of a Butterfly {Day 16}

It took a little longer than expected, but we finally have a little metamorphosis action happening.  This little guy decided to find his perfect spot and then was busy making his silk button.  Shortly after this shot was taken, he went into a "J."  ISO is high on the photo as it was night time.

Monarch Preparing Silk Button
ISO 2000 ~ 60mm ~ f/2.8 ~ 1/160 sec
© Corrie M. Avila

I had to leave for a work trip shortly after this, so I left the care of Eenie, Miney and Moe to my "so not thrilled" husband.

He reported to me that by the end of Day 16, Eenie had formed his chrysalis.  By Day 17, Miney had also formed his chrysalis.  But sadly, by Day 18, I was informed that Moe was no longer with us :(

Apparently, when my husband brought the second milkweed inside (because they devoured the first one), a lizard hitched a ride.  It is our thought that the lizard decided Moe looked like a nice dinner.

So we are mourning the death of our beloved Moe...

Capturing the Moment,

Corrie <3